Mark Making


Mark-making is always a good place to start. At the start of my first university project at BCU, we were encouraged to draw in a different way to what we were used to. Quick, timed drawing activities using different media and tools were useful as a starting point to the project, especially when drawing from a physical object in front of you. These drawings were taken from shells and stones, and also a piece of rough embroidery.


Acrylic Paint


Acrylic paint with sponge, scratch and smudge, scratching into oil pastel.


Screen prints sliced and rearranged over black ink splatter and oil pastel shapes.


Meat mallet with emulsion paint.


Rubbing off an oak tree in oil pastel, acrylic paint marks made by painting a leaf and transferring to page.


From those first initial sketches, I progressed into using colour and more creative tools and media. I started to look at layering and deconstructing/reconstructing marks for effect which was a large element of the work that followed the mark making process.